March 26th. Happy Air Max Day!

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The infrared air max 90 has been a favorite of many sneaker collectors. So it's only right for this day, I broke them out

What We Discuss.

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Tatyana: The homie I discuss white sneakers, poetry, relationships, friendship, tinder dates, & do weird dances with from time to time. 

Coffee Breaks

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In a cold room, I can count on your warmth to bring comfort. 

As you crave another cup of coffee, I am yearning for more time. 

Stalling with a few jokes. A little humor to keep that warm smile going. More time to deliver you compliments that you feel you don't deserve.

 More time, just to listen. As you share, stories that I've never heard.

Just craving more time to see you build from the ground up. Your strength is amazing. Your grind is inspiring. 

No days off, meeting upon meeting, gram after gram, follow for follow, your brand is building, & I feel honored to be penciled into your planner. Written into your notes. Placed into your agenda until our next coffee date.

-Maxime Hilaire

Friday Nights @ The Hudson Hotel

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Hanging out with Dj LilyVanilli one of my closest friends in NYC.

Dating in New York

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Dating in New York can be a tricky matter. Everyone is searching for that something. If that something isn't instant, they are easily on to the next. People aren't giving things time to build. I used to believe in love at first sight. Actually, I still do. A romantic I suppose I am, but I also believe that initial love needs to be built upon. A friendship needs to be formed. A genuine like for each that surpasses physical attributes. I'm just saying, give things a little more time. 

"My New York Stories"

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So I'm at a bar, sitting at a table with my homies people in the East Village. A girl at the end of the table is having a conversation with a few others and I overhear, "doing cocaine for breakfast is so dark" everyone is like yooooo chill. They look around and see my blank stare looking up from my phone and everyone starts laughing!

At a George Condo Exhibit.

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Troubled Joy

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Shared pain, shared joy, same weekend. My brothers are going through it. 

The gain, the letting go, women have them in....shambles, heartbreak, or reveling in the essence of love while I'm in between them, single, sharing both pain & joy wondering if it is better to have loved & have love lost or to not have loved at all? 

Luck of the draw I guess. Part of the process I suppose. Love comes, love goes, who's to say it sticks around. Questions that puzzled philosophers I suppose. 

_Maxime Hilaire