Distinct Life: Reebok GL 6000

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Reebok's are usually slept on but these Distinct Life GL 6000 are proper. The navy & gum bottom combo is a really solid look. Great collaboration with the Distinct Life brand hailing out of Detroit.

Mr. Jackson: Sometimes (Video)

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It all started as a hum in a makeshift studio in his Harlem apartment. I remember just asking him to repeat the hum. Then words were added, a beat was curated, & a song was made. This song, happens to be one of my favorites from Mr. Jackson & the Gourmet Family simply because I was a part of it. It all didn't happen in one night. When I heard the finished product, I was thoroughly impressed, excited, & satisfied.

"Sometimes, life's a nightmare, sometimes, I don't even care ' n ' sometimes, I watch the people stare, but my mind, it ain't even there".

If you knew Alex aka Mr. Jackson, you would know that this song makes perfect sense. He is a perfectionist who fusses over the details, feels, & emotions of things. He often sits in dark rooms, attends movies, restaurants,& bars alone. At the same time very family oriented. A strange dynamic, but that is him.

Creating the visuals for the song, he summoned all his boys to take part in the short film. It's hard to call it a music video, because it is so much more than that. Even I have a little cameo. This may just be the video that lands me an acting gig (just kidding)or not.

Pop Up Flea NYC (Photo Recap)

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The Pop Up Flea, aka heaven for menswear enthusiasts made it's way to New York City. Considering the Pop Up Flea only pops up one weekend at a time, in different cities across the nation, I was pleased to have been in attendance. There were many booths with quality known & up & coming brands alongside their goods.

The flea is set up similar to a tradeshow except, it is open to the public and patrons were able to purchase these goods. The foot traffic was incredible. People from all over were one step shy of scouring. It was the best place to get your hands on leather goods, knitwear, footwear, & other goodies you can imagine. I made my way to the flea both Saturday & Sunday. Went back Sunday because there was an LL Bean vest I didn't purchase while I was there Saturday. Of course when I got there Sunday, there weren't any in my size.

It's a you snooze you lose world over at the flea. Still glad I was there tho. The inspiration was food for the soul.

Sampha - Happens

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With a totally unique sound Sampha blessed us with a hit. Well, a hit for me at least. This song is a song I repeat time & time again. Quality music in the world of trap & hard beats is hard to come by. Even all r&b tunes sound the same. For me, lyrics still matter. Instruments still matter. Content & composition still matters. Sampha is an artist who is true to this. His music comes from an honest place. You can hear it in his voice.

"Free those emotions left uncovered"

A Marching Ant by March FWD

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Just a few images for a shoot I did with Mr. Richard McClean, founder of the brand March FWD http://marchgarments.com/

Timothy Broome

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Comrade for almost 10 years now. Homies since college. Pleased to live in the same city as my brother.

Muhammad Ali by Thomas Hoepker

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I found the Ali exhibit at Milk Gallery in the Meatpacking District to be so inspiring. A room full of photographs of "The Greatest" was almost overwhelming. So almost overwhelming, I had to visit twice. Photographer Thomas Hoepker really captured the true essence of "The Greatest" through his photographs. What I saw in his work photographing Muhammad Ali, is what I want to see in my work when I look at it years from now.

Love 2 Have Fun . Com

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Girls just love to have fun. These photos were taken at "The Box NYC".

LVOE featuring Mell Masters & Zoo Beeze

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Well versed in the hood-rich way of life, Mell Masters & Zoo Beeze of The Gourmet Family present to you "LVOE". In this video, the two lurk the New York city blocks rhyming & handing out 40oz bottles out of a Louis Vuitton duffel. They're all about a good time, creating their own party environment. The Gourmet Family album "Amuse Bouche" which this song is featured on will be released November 5th. EVERYBODY EATS!

Also if you remember my Stamp of Camaraderie line, you'll notice that Zoo Beeze is wearing the heather grey signature tee! Everybody eats for real. It's good to see the homies getting out their dreams.

Jabari Brown: Bidding Farewell to Nice Weather

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Nike Flyknit's, APC distressed denim (a dyi project Jabari is in love with) & a white tee to make the cipher complete.

A Well Suited Evening by Billy Reid

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The folks over at the Billy Reid store on Bond Street hosted a well-suited event that featured a room full of well-dressed men, women, whisky, & fine fabrics. The atmosphere was a bit surreal. It was as if you were amongst the cast of The Great Gatsby film, mixed in with a few hipsters. A cool vibe, it was a true gentlemen’s evening. What’s a true gentlemen’s evening without a little beard grooming, shoe shining, & whisky? That, I couldn’t tell you.

Maker’s Mark kept everyone’s glass full the entire night with Manhattan’s, Maker’s on the rocks, or they had you trying their “46” line of whisky. There wasn’t any room for the faint-hearted drinkers of the world. If there were any in attendance, a cherry was added to their drink. Maker’s Mark also had their hands on the hors d’oeuveres’ with a Maker’s cured salmon. It was quite splendid.

Truman’s Gentlemen’s Groomers made their presence felt in the downstairs area of the Billy Reid store. They were there with one of their barber’s, a barber’s chair, razors, hair products & ointments. The men eagerly waited their turns in line to get a shave all while sipping on Maker’s, checking out the Billy Reid garments, or getting their shoes shined. Gentlemen in their element, it was a site to see!

There was a certain type of boldness to everyone who was in attendance. It was as if they knew something that no one else knew. They were a part of a subculture that only the finest had keys to. For that night and that night only, they had the keys to 54 Bond Street.

Street Etiquette "SlumFlower" Gallery Event Photo Recap

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NYFW Styles: Ni'Ma Ford

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Ni'Ma Ford is one of the more memorable faces of NYFW to me. I remember seeing her walking about NYC not knowing who she was but thinking to myself, this girl got it. The first time I saw her wasn't even around any Fashion Week events. The second time was at Street Etiquette's "SlumFlower" gallery event. The third time was at Lincoln Center where I decided that I've seen her one too many times not to speak to her. She is a lovely soul with such effortless style.

The Gentlemen of Street Etiquette

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Had a chance to congratulate the fellas of Street Etiquette on their "SlumFlower" NYFW gallery event. It was a great success. To me it demonstrated the power of style, culture, the Internet, & the use of social media & how it brought the likes of different types together in one room.


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Photo taken at Lincoln Center during New York Fashion Week. These young lads were in town visiting from LA. Their style caught my attention. It was very unique to them. There was power in their look.