Back in Brooklyn

I just got off the Fung Wah bus not too long ago. I'm out in BK about every month or every other and everytime I come out here I do the same thing. I get off the bus and go straight to Popeye's and get a number 2. Sounds kinda nasty right, LOL. I eat and wait for my cousin to get off of work or wait for him to come pick me up, he always catch me eating, I be ready to just throw away the biscuit but it be tooo damn good so I take it to go. Then i'm off to Brooklyn to see the Kin folk. I come to Brooklyn to get away from Mattapan and my regular life so coming out here every month has become part of my regular life. I come to Brooklyn to clear my head. A lot goes through my mind on that bus ride and my family humbles me. I need that. I'm out here for my baby cousin's 1st bday party. I love baby Mariah. Then I have a cousin who turns 26 tomorrow Suppose to do lunch in Manhattan @ 1. We'll see how that goes. Pictures will soon come. Oh I just got the word from my homie *Faye* that the Celtics just beat the Spurs. 2 of my favorite teams played against each other and I missed but whatever. The C's got the Win and thats all that matters. Now its time to to eat chicken wings and fries from the Chinese spot.

Mattoo Manner until next time

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One Response to “Back in Brooklyn”

  1. Yea we needed that win. Have a wonderful weekend in Nu Yarkkk :-D