Heading Home to the Everyday Grind.

I'm sittin here @ JFK International Airport in NY to get home back to Boston. I had a pretty good trip. One of my New Years resolutions for this year was to leave the country and I have done that. Say man, Customs aint no joke, going thru that motha is enough to make you turn around and go home. It wasnt that bad but hey I came and went. One more flight to go. Tomorrow starts that grind and that hustle. April Fools day awaits. I got a job to attend to and family and friends to see. Triple "C" coming to get me from Logan, My right hand man. I'm starvin bout to get some over priced food. Until next time, I will be stacking, taking more trips, reading more, attending more art galleries, I need to strengthen my keen eye, spending time with family and searching for that Special lady. 1st quarter 09 has been good to me and I will certainly keep you all posted on my where abouts

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  1. Hope you got my souvenir??? :-/