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I did the Photography for my man's Boogs the Barber. Trust he's one of the Premier barbers in Boston. One of Mattapan's Elite and he will continue to get better. Thats him putting work on our little man Denzel the Krumper's Nappy peasy head. I'm in his chair faithfully every Thursday. Sometimes days change but rarely. This dude is more like a brother to me. Known this dude way before he became my barber. So I go to the shop to catch up on the week. We talk about everything in like an hour span until the next week. We look out for each other. Shouts to Boogs. Talented airbrush artist also. I'll keep you guys posted on our future endeavors.


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  1. YOUR A FOOL!!!! I better approve of anything you possibly might consider putting on here that could possibly resemble me!!!!!