I Got a Thing For Her

I really got a thing for Keri Hilson.

Keri I just want to see you walk around the crib with Boy Shorts and an "A" shirt, While i'm watching ESPN or writing my next piece or just watching the Cosby's. Man Listen I'm gonna buy your album on the strength. I was gonna buy it at Target yesterday but it was sold out. I had socks, Tee's, and Keri Hilson on my mind. I came out with out Keri. I guess thats a good thing. Your CD is off the shelves.

Mattoo Manner until next time.

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One Response to “I Got a Thing For Her”

  1. no bullshizzz.. but she came on the tv today and my flatmate and i were like, who is that? and then i saw your blog and im like KERI HILSON! haha.. yea...