My Train of Thought

I've always been fascinated by this sign on the trains in New York. Looks like enough dumb sh*t happened for this to actually be posted. Just wanted to share that. Now time to share a piece I wrote called "My Train of Thought"

My Train of Thought

Sometimes as I ride the bus and train to and from work I just think of
everything. Everything from thinking it's Monday and I have a
whole week ahead of me, to what am I doing this weekend? After a busy
weekend I begin to think if I'm going to have the energy to make it
through Monday without an energy drink. (I don't drink them but I
think about it). I read the free newspaper and the first few pages
consist of murder victims, overseas bombing, rapes and so forth.
Entertainment section is weak, reminds me of stuff I seen in the same
section last week. So I go to sports and I forget, the basketball
season is over and I do reside in Red Sox Nation. So it's back to my
music. Skip this song, next song, I'm not in the mood for this song,
and finally a track I can vibe with. A song of inspiration. Speaking
of inspiration. I see inspiration for the outfit that I'm going to
wear tomorrow.

When it comes to fashion and style my inspiration varies. My interest
are kind of weird but not really. I'm into sports but not really, I’m
into art but not really. I'm into colors but not really. Although it
varies it is important to make things my own.
I may see a garment on an individual and re-evaluate what I feel is
missing or even what I would do to make the garment Maxime Hilaire
which is more business casual/Professional. or make it Mattoo Manner
which is pretty much street elegance, kind of a sporty look, a little
urban edge or I may borrow from the skate boarder, or the white boys
from the suburbs(white-t and khaki shorts). As a matter of fact
that's what I’m throwing on after I get off work. Sometimes I may see
someone wearing something and i think to myself that is perfect and
that I could not have done it any better. Every style or color is not
for everyone. To each his own, Quite cliché but is truth.

Next song, my Zen is on random. A slow jam, I don't mind it right now
but I'm tired, hungry and sleepy and don't want to entertain the
thought of relations and the strength, work, emotion, and money it
takes, So its from Ms. Keys to Weezy. "We are not the same I am a
Martian" Lil Wayne screams individuality but I'm having a sober
meaning slow morning so it's on to the next track. Proceed to Ice
Cube's "Today was a Good Day". Next track because it is still 7:30 am
and it is too early to determine. I get off the train then its on to
the bus while I'm listening to U2 "I still haven't found what i'm looking
for" as a perfect soundtrack to my morning on many mornings
at the bus stop. Walking to the bus stop I stop and stare at a fine
woman on her way to work (or at least that's where I think she's
going), and great here comes the bus, let me find my pass.

Mattoo Manner

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2 Responses to “My Train of Thought”

  1. I remember this one. I feel the same sometimes. I dont want to entertain thoughts.. We spoke about it. xoxo

  2. U kno I actually don't miss my ipod 4 that reason. Had too much songs on there