Needed a Place to Share

I shot this photo in Roxbury.

I guess this will be a place where I share my interests with complete strangers who may share my views. Where I'll just post random questions and opinions when there is absolutely no one around. Well here it is. How much is a man suppose to drop on a Wedding ring. I think it's obsurd how much women expect these days. I'm not even in a relationship and I'm hearing co-workers (women of course) rambling on how much they're rings are going to cost. 10 stacks plus, Either I'm just cheap or that is insane. 5,000 is my Max and that's a stretch. I hope my future fiance knows nothing about diamonds.

Mattoo Manner Until next time

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4 Responses to “Needed a Place to Share”

  1. Sup Mr. Manner,

    LMAO.... U hope ur future fiance knos nothin about diamonds... HAHA... Girls would do anythin. I even had a friend of mines take their ring to a jewelry store to find out how much it cost...Now thats crazy.

    Stoppin by to bless ur blog

  2. i dont want a gem amillion. i want a band. i think its unnecessary. i would prefer white gold but will be a hundred percent satisfied with silver. engraved. its not the price of the ring, its what it symbolizes. i would prefer my fiance to save that money for a house. i know where your heart lies.. i dont need a huge ring to remind me. xoxo

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  4. I am so glad I work with you lol... also glad I can confirm I am not one of those "women of course" that you speak of.