Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic

Pool view from my hotel room.

Man I got here yesterday and it was cloudy but nice overall. Staying at this 4 Star resort. I think I had my expectations too high because in these resorts all i've seen is old people, more couples than anything and families. Other than that man I've been enjoying my time here. I had some laughs, met some people, and took some pictures from day 1. I made a friend who is 63 from New York in her wors "she ain't no Cougar". This woman got jokes we had lunch together and she said I made her day. doing that she made my day.

Manner Images

This my cousin Eddy Ace. So he doesnt speak a lick of Spanish but looks Dominican. All he has to say is "Que"? and they start ramblin in Spanish. I told him he needs to stop doing that. They don't believe he was born in Haiti. About him lookin Dominican what you guys think?

I'm having a good time out here. Won a little pocket change at the Casino last night. Time to enjoy some more of this D.R. Weather @ night.

Mattoo Manner Until Next Time

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4 Responses to “Puerto Plata, Domincan Republic”

  1. Pix r beautiful.... Dont 4get my souvenir

  2. Any minute now your supposed to walk into our office with Mcd's fries stating "they got tree nuts in em" and instead I'm looking at pics of you in 1000 degree weather loving life. FML from my crappy cubical.

  3. wait, is that the cousin that gave us a ride to the train station. youve got so many cousins i cant keep track anymore.

  4. Yes Anuli that's the cousin.

    I'm well rested right now. It's great. Almost homesick but not quite.