Sometimes my life can be just as plain as the picture above which I took @ 3 Maywood Place Clark University in Worcester. The College where I recieved a degree in Sociology with a Minor in Communication and Culture. Graduation was 2 years ago and sometimes I feel like some sort of nobody. I should be proud of myself. Well I am. A young black male from the inner city with a Bachelors of Arts. Right now I am a Financial Operations Clerk for a Payroll company, how did I end up with a job that I have absolutely no interest in keeping in mind that I never took a finance or economics, or even a business course in College. I have always been to the Arts and observing society and different social aspects of human life. I took Philosophy courses, Psych courses, Sociology courses, Geography, and Communication courses. All are my interests and what is funny is that all the courses that I took in college right now I use as a past time. I look at society I read papers, I travel across New England and the Tri-State, I give advice on life as I see it, I analyze things and put them in my perspective and right now essentially writing about it. So now thinking about it, I went to school to figure out how to spend my spare time, in hopes that what I do in my spare time can one day become lucrative.

I cannot stand numbers but I deal with them everyday and it gives me a headache. Atleast I know I am not a moron and that I am well educated and can hold my own in an environment that I am stuck in for the moment. Sometimes I feel lost. If I say I hate my job, and then you ask me "what kind of job would I like to obtain?". My answer would be I don't know, I guess if the opportunity knocked I would know it. Haha isn't that the truth or simply what I would like to believe. I have a degree. A Bachelors degree. I wake up everyday at 6:00 am to go to a job that I feel if I were to be laid off in these trying times in America where my friends are being laid off. It would be a blessing. Now what does that say about how I'm living. I am lacking freedom. I was reading the paper the other morning and it said that humans start getting old at the age of 27 where there is slight memory loss and you are no longer at your peak. Well I am 24 and I feel I need to make something happen for myself while I'm still young. I am still young. I believe God will show me a sign and I know I must prepare myself for when that door does open. I will save, I will travel, I will network, I will try my best not to give in to certain temptations, I will Love, I will learn, and I will give, I will pray.

Mattoo Manner Until Next Time

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