Corporate World

Aggravation stemming from a field of nitpickers and tattle-tales whose ailment is cured by telling on themselves or anyone in there way. A natural high, tripping off of the power that can be easily stripped to a sober state, welcome to the real world of self indulgence where it is every man for themselves and every woman is a snake, sudden mood swings in the environment, Climate change in every sense, a light jacket to fend off the venom, a snorkel tomorrow, common courtesy has been replaced with the common cold. I Sneezed. The words "bless you",No longer exist, God Bless myself because Lord knows it's just one man in this room listening to gossip and shopping tips from business casual experts who shop till they drop and the next day complain they need a raise or a vacation or a day off to be awake late. Paid timeoff sounds good, a sick day sounds great. Jury Duty Sounds right, all the reasons not to be here are pretty clear. Pay weeks near and so is lunch. I was just venting thanks a Bunch.

Mattoo Manner

This is a piece I wrote last year I'm sure many of you can relate because 'til this day I feel the same way. The original title was *Corporate Bitch Made Losers* but I figured I would be less vulgar for my innocent readers.

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