The Fast Life

Sometimes I feel like girls really take dudes for fools and run with it, but I guess guys do the same thing and now it’s to a point where there is no meeting ground for the species. We both have the “I’m gonna do me” attitude and in turn we both are missing on opportunities to make something special happen. Special things don’t happen too often and when it does, let the spontaneity of life take you away. The Fast Life

So you had your own agenda and I know that. Let’s not play the oh’ you stood me up game because I never left and you knew that. I missed your call and ten minutes later you are nowhere to be found, No call backs. She says she’s spontaneous like that. I snooze, I loose. I just lost a headache. A spontaneous relationship would never last but Spontaneous moments are priceless. Sometimes a little principle will keep things in line but sometimes understand it’s just a simple never mind.

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  1. I DIGS IT NIG!!! a lil courtesy and honesty goes a Long way.