Look Out For This Kid

This kid Asher Roth is a problem. I heard the song "I Love College" and I was like man I love this song because it reminds me about my days up at Clark University. If you never lived on campus to like understand what this kid is saying you'd be like okay this song is alright or wack. I wasn't too sure what to think of him as an artist so I researched him. He's actually a rapper and can actually rap. He reminds me of Eminem but I won't compare the two.Apparently he hates that heard it on the radio this morning. I'm sure he should have expected that duh! Roll with the punches you'll be straight. He's silly, he hides serious content with humor with a witty flow. He has a Mixtape out called *The Greenhouse Effect* and I'm impressed. His actual album drops next week 4/20 go figure. I'll be purchasing on my lunch break.

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