Me and Competition

I'm not the most competitive person in the world but they're are few things I am competitive @:

1. Bowling: I hate to lose @ bowling. I get amped or mad at myself when it comes to bowling. Triple C of Genius League is usually my main competitor but my homie BJ is another fierce competitor and oh yeah Matt Hicks you not up there yet. "L" of Genius League comin up in the game though.

2. NBA 2K8 for PS2 with my cousins or any NBA game, playing against anyone else. I only play basketball video games. My favorite Competitors my cousins Laurel and Ryu. We be in the dungeon for hours aggrevatin each other until there are no more words to say. Like you just get up and leave or Laurel kicks you out because he lost. My boy "L" from Genius League is another one of my favorite competitors. Oh yea we talk heavy smack.

3. One-on-One basketball: Win or Lose i'm putting up a fight. Favorite competitors: My brother Yassine. Ayo "Yah" wait till I get in shape you gym rat lol. My little brother Johnathan: John John you gonna be 40 when you win your first game against me. Sean Hoar them games summer '07 up at Clark those were the best man & Last but not least my cousin Laurel haha little man getting better. Once you get that mid range I'll be a little scared but until then "You Wack".

4. Card games & Dominoes: Spades, Rummy, & Dominoes

Oh man I talk so much Sh*t playing these games. I get under your skin some times. Real old school fun.

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8 Responses to “Me and Competition”

  1. I been trying to Comment ALL DAY on this

  2. FINALLY...

    As I was SAYIN:... I had to Comment on this cause... YO, I got 2k9 ON DECK at all times on the 50inch if you Ever wanna just Stop Through and get it in on the 2K.. thats First... and 2 I wanted to be the 1st to Post about the BATTLE for CO-CAPTAIN of the Bowlin team... ya'll Go Get YA WII's and Practice.. LMAO.. Manner VS. Triple C's fo Co-Captain PICS Coming SOON... LOL!!... Yea, I'm AMPIN NIGS For Next TIME we have a BOWL OFF.. LMAO

  3. AYO Chief! u just got a ranking, U just finished battling Jada how u comin at The Boss's Me and C's should have our own lanes.

  4. LMAOO!!... Cause NOW ya'll can't SEE ME... Jada ain't even in My League NO More so... I gotta start some S#!t wit Somebody and who better than the Boss's... Like I Said nigs.. MANNER & C's "GO GET THE WII", I'm Tellin Ya'll Like I tell AyBODY else... Chief Signing Off...

    And YES My 1st POST On your Blog SPot is talkin SH#!T How ELSE could it BE... LMAO!!

  5. We all know that u not nice @ Kings. As I remember thats the Venue where Jada seen u! I think we might have to take it there

  6. Sure we can take it back to KINGS NIG... Noooo Problem, even tho nigs tryin to get me drunk so I cant bowl but its Nothin.. small things to a Giant(ME)... LMAO!... And if I get the WIN can I go get my jacket that says "Captain of the Bowling Team"...LMAO!.. and get ya'll VEST that say Co-Captain #1 & #2 of the bowlin team... LOL!... I'm Ready whenever, wherever

  7. Chief! U gonna have the Jada "Losers" up photo for ur profile pic soon!

  8. OHHHHHHHH... WOW MANNER DAWG... DAAAMMMM!... How you gonna SAY THAT!... I can DIG IT... bout to get YOU A LOSER Pic.. LMAOO... Mess around and make that the BET, LOSER put the picture as a Profile pic for DAAAYS... Like BAM BAM fe Daaays... LOSER Fe DAAAYS! Now I really gotta get you a Vest now..