Music Getting me through these past few Weeks

You all know I love this girl but besides that this is a pretty good album and the production by Timbaland and Po-lo da don is ridiculous. She certainly giving Ciara a run for her money. Just jokes I love you too Ciara, I just haven't taken the chance to listen to your album yet but that single with Jeezy was stuck in my head for a little bit. You giving Beyonce a run for her money too simply because you write your own songs. Beyonce, I do like a few tracks off of that Sasha Fierce more or so Disc 1.

This Seal Album is one of the best albums I've heard in so long. He reinvented some all time hits and made them fit him. When I was in DR I would wake up, throw my headphones on sit on the balcony and play this album right before I went to breakfast. Certainly Seal is still a force in Music.

Picked Up the New Jadakiss album which was released last week Tuesday. I went to like 3 Best Buy's and this album was sold out which is good news for one of the most underated rappers doing it today. To be honest I was expecting a little more energy from him but he kept it mellow and it is a brilliant album. It sounds better everytime I hear it. "Smokin Gun" with Jasmine Sullivan is such a great track and "The Letter to B.I.G" is a heart felt relfection of the relationship he had with the late great and what's been going since he's been gone. He also has a song with Luther Vandross, "Things that I've been through" great. This album illustrates his maturation as a man and as an artist.

One of My favorite artists, This album a bit different. I can't say that i'm feeling every track but 4 tracks that make the album worth a listen. 1. Cool 2. Soul's on Fire 3. Her Heart and 4. Fine Again. Fine again was actually the inspiration to the piece I wrote last week titled "Optimism...?" (click on optimism...? on the Archive) or just scroll down and click on older posts to read.

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