It's the hardest thing in the world to be today, optimistic. Nothing seems to be on the right track. We have this global recession, natural disasters, and the sick disturb minds that commit crimes that makes stomaches turn. We have students graduating from Universities scared out of there bloody minds what awaits them after they walk across a well decorated podium filled with successful elders wishing them the best. These days a pat on the back is unwanted sarcasm that can cause anyone to "spaz" at any given moment.

It will all be fine again. It feels as if the ill's of the world are in the lead and the good is struggling to keep up. We have a man walk into a room and kill 13 people then himself. 13 innocent lives gone. My thoughts on this simply my thoughts, right or wrong: If you are going to kill 13 people then turn the gun on yourself and take your own life, why not just take your own life? An act of a coward.Can't face the world so you decide to take a a few with you. Sick.

Will it ever be fine again? A 23 year old kills his 17 year old sister and then chops off his 5 year old sisters neck before he is gunned down by the police. My thoughts on this: Disgusting and I can't even get into it. I am deeply sorry for what has happened. How does a family come back from that? Can a family come back from that?

How can it ever be fine again? A group of four are sitting in a car after a party. A man wants attempts to win a woman over and she declines. The man comes back and shoots up the car leaving 3 out of 4 dead. My thoughts: Senseless act of violence and to the survivor. A cousin of a friend of mine, How do you go back to a normal life?

Do you think it will ever be fine again? An Earthquake hits Central Italy leaving 150 dead, many displaced and the count goes on. I have a dear friend in Italy. She is fine and I thank God for that. She teaches, and one of her students lost his entire family in the earthquake. How does he come back from that. Apart from him how does a country come back from that? My thoughts on this: Damaged. Recovery, maybe?

An excerpt of isolated incidents in the past few weeks that keep running through my thoughts. We need help, not only that we need faith that things can and will get better. Everything happens for a reason but the unknown question is "Why Me" or "Why My Family" or just "Why"? We may never know why but we must try to live the best way we know how and the answers may or may not eventually appear. One thing's clear, Those who are alive, We are alive with a purpose. The purpose of a greater good.

Through these trying times, lets try our best to keep our heads up, Strengthen our minds, our communities, and work on the undying task to make a full recovery.

Mattoo Manner

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2 Responses to “Optimism:...?”

  1. You right..... We do need help. This recession is insane. My aunt knew the 23 yr old fam. It was just horrible

  2. when the world pushes you to your knees, you are in the perfect position... to pray.