Real Personal

This aggression is from the heart and in my veins and I must let it bleed in order to proceed with life as I know it.

I’m only writing this because we can’t have a discussion without hostility and voices being raised. In this occasion I get the last word without walking away. Don’t even care if you ever read this or not quite frankly.

First of all this is as personal as it gets. If you weren’t family this would not even be an issue. If we didn’t live under the same roof this wouldn’t be an issue. We wouldn’t even cross paths but reality is we do cross.

When were younger we had countless meaningless fights and last night, that was the last. You have some deep rooted issues that need to be followed but your issue with me isn’t really an issue with me, because when it’s time to talk about you can only put up your fist and in the mist of it all I won’t harm you.

It’s about time we part ways. I don’t care if we don’t manage to say two words to each other. You were outside with you shirt off ready to fight and the words that came out of your mouth was that “tonight feels good, A good night to die”

I don’t play with death and I will pray for you.

“Lord forgive, us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us.” Amen.

This is as personal as it gets. Now back to living my happy life. I need to set up dinner. Who’s down?

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