Women in the Kitchen

I by no means am saying that it is a woman's place to be in the kitchen.

My homegirl asked me if I believed that the key to a mans heart is his stomache? My answer to that was yes I do believe that. There is something nurturing and comforting about a woman who can cook. I'm sure if you cook me a good meal I ain't going a damn place. I mean I won't knock a woman who can't cook, I guess we can take lessons together because Heaven only knows how clumpsy I am in the Kitchen. I do certainly believe that the stomache is a key to a man's heart. Certainly not the only key because my keychain certainly has more than one key!

Signing Out Mattoo Manner

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4 Responses to “Women in the Kitchen”

  1. Your so funny...let me know when you plan on taking up a cooking class I need to be there...

  2. Tough luck for whoever i end up wit cause I can't cook for nuthin. Only me can eat my cooking :-D

  3. son, nice outfit. i just noticed it.