Balynnda Back from Hiatus

Last night marked the first time that I've seen my friend Balynnda in 5 years. I'm mad and proud of her at the same time. We've chatted and emailed each other over the years but never ran into each other. We've seen each other once since high school graduation. She graduated top of our class and went on to graduate from Boston College triple majoring. She's a Genius! She is also my first friend married with a family of her own. We did some major catching up with the rest of the Genius League last night. Welcome back Bob as we would call her.

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2 Responses to “Balynnda Back from Hiatus”

  1. On DAWGS Balynnda was the highlight of the night!... it was REALLY Bitter/Sweet last night. Can't help but to be PROUD & HAPPY as shit for her! just wish we had more contact over the years, maybe a invite to a SHower of Any sort or something. But It was Good that she came out and we all started to catch up a lil bit.. still so much more has happened over the last 5-6 years to catch up on but it was a Good start last night. GLAD to have her back. SHOUTS to BALYNNDA AKA "BOB" BKA "HeadMaster runnin the HeadQuarters".. LOL (Had TO)

    but AFTER all that... F^(( YA MAX, You got the W last night, but ITS ON NOW BRUVA, NExt TIME ITS ON!... got to put the crosshairs on you like I had to do Jada once pon a time. But he's WHACK NOW, so its on you my dude!.. Tall Bastard.. LMAO!

  2. I am glad to see Babylon back in the circle.... I cant wait to come kick with the whole team ....