The Escape

So how do you escape the madness when the madness is at home? Easy way out, you run away or stay away! Keep busy. When you return the madness died down but it's still there. The inner-city is my home and where the madness resides. It never leaves! Mothers scream in fear, Some mothers fear there children and the streets is daycare, ask them if they care and the answer is careless. Cops and robbers fearless in a game where the heroes are nameless and the guilty are shameless. What an insane mess. Drunk drivers die from that insane text that they will never get a response to. What's new in the cycle? Text said she was pregnant? Another single Parent another fatherless child to grow up with no big mama because big mama's left 10 years ago. Grew up with grandma's boyfriend while mama's living with hers, the madness reoccurs. Home is an insane mess. Can't escape the cycle.
Mattoo Manner

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