Just my luck I just got my student pass taken from me on the bus today. A salty feeling. I was saving money this month too. Dah well! You guys might be thinking, Manner, how the hell did you get a student pass for the bus and train and you been out of high school six years. Well my father is a teacher and he just so happened to have an extra and handed it to me last week. I was super stoked due to the fact that I would save 15 bucks a week for the the month. You do the math. So today I just so happened to look extra grown with a sweater, scarf, and shades so the dude not even the bus driver, he was sitting there waiting for the bus driver to come from the bathroom or some crap, decided to ask me what school I went to? In my head I'm laughing my ass off, I couldn't even lie and he took the card talking that shit like if you want the card back you'll have to call 617-blah-blah-blah. I'm too old to argue that crap especially when I'm in the wrong and I have to get to work. My dad did ask me if I was sure if I could use it and I said yes and I did for a week. Today my age caught up to me. Luckily I have cash which I never do and I keep a few bucks on my Charlie Card for emergencies like this, not that I knew this would happen. Who the hell is Charlie anyway?

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  1. LMAOO!!!... At your misfortune... LMAO!!... Ahh shit... thats a funny story!, But at least you didnt lie still, and accepted that you are an adult in the wrong!... trying to use a high school pass, what an ass!.. LOL... I would've done it too, but I prolly would've been Suited up and when he asked I would've been like "Huh.. MADISON, GOMD... and I'm OOOUT!".. LOL