Qoute of the Day: Words of Wisom.

I read this in today's paper(Metro)& it caught my attention and actually made me laugh.

"Where I come from, the bloke who said "Man with no shoes must weep for man with no feet" would have earned a punch in the head before a page in a book". Thomas Keown

I found this qoute very funny. It's sort of like you're having a bad day, you lose your job, your girlfriend is ignoring you for no apparent reason and nothings looking up. Then someone comes up and tells you hey, look at it this way, things could be much worst! That really doesn't cheer people up. All it does is make you think of worst case scenarios as opposed to the best case. So for all my readers, be a motivational speaker and not a moron for discomforting those that are already down by reminding them of those that are in lower points of their lives.

In retrospect it is good to think about those that are less fortunate than we are because we can find ways to help them and society on a wider-range but sometimes when you're at your worst you just don't want to hear that.

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