*Weekend in Worcester*

Man this weekend was one of the best weekends that I've had in a while. Sleeping on a twin size bed again, to sleeping on a floormat with a body pillow, to throwing my shirts in the dryer to have the wrinkles fall out because no one owned an iron. Then looking up in the sky for any signs of rain because my windshield wipers are currently out of commission. Felt like I never left college. I did a little shopping, got some crazy deals from Ritz Camera in Worcester that is closing. Great day for a brother like me who's always looking for a deal. I also payed my unkle OJ a visit at the firehouse. Kicked with him for about an hour. oh just in case you were wondering. I spelled Unkle the way I did because unkle OJ isn't my real uncle but he's my unkle. Haven't seen him in two years. Photos of the firehouse will be up soon. Then I went out to Oxford, MA where I had a cookout to attend. I havent been out there in about 5 years and I had a great time. My homegirl Quashana's mom was doing the "Stanky Leg" and that was classic. I couldn't do it, there's a height requirement. You would have to clear out the room for me. Food was on point and congrats to "Q" for graduating from Springfield College. So after the cookout I was back out to Worcester hoping that it didnt rain hard, to party it up @ night under the stars. It definitely drizzled but not bad enough to stop me from kicking it with all my college folks. Then after Night Under The Stars we went over to IHOP 11 deep causing no trouble that you wouldnt expect from us. Our waitress was cool, she kicked it with us. The next day, Sunday. Gradutaion, meeting families and greeting folks to go along with a long boring ceremony. Enjoyed it all. That was my weekend. Next Weekend Partying it up at the Soho Loft.

The best exhaustion! "My good friends is all I need" So glad Asher Roth wrote that song!

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