Back to The Roots Excited About Rap Again

So where do I begin? One song that dropped last night in NYC has me going in a frenzie sitting in my Boston home office this Saturday morning. Before I go into that, back in the day the radio was everything, If you could get the entire nation to listen to your one event on the radio, you know it was major. For example, people gathered around in corner bodega's, living rooms, and kitchens to listen to a boxing match. The thought of people in unison gathered for one common cause is amazing, estounding. I am 24 years of age and I wasn't around for those days but hearing about them had me in another world.

Music moves. I Love Hip-Hop. So when you can have a song world premiere and millions of people anticipate it and stop whatever they are doing at that time to listen to your new project, that is a sign that you are a leader and your music touches the world. Thank God for the internet because last night in NYC Jay-Z arguably the best rapper of all time or even alive dropped a new single exclusively for Hot 97. I reside in Boston and was not able to be in the City to hear the drop but I certainly couldn't wait to hear this new joint. Online everywhere people were anticipating, posting blogs, twitter feeds, and all about this new song that was about to drop by Brooklyn's own Jay. P.S. I love Brooklyn. I go as often as possible.

So I woke up this morning like yes let me here what they heard in NY last night. I can imagine the energy was crazy. My boy Youngboy confirmed via Facebook that the energy was live. So I went to one of the sites I check daily and blaooo the New Jay song was right there. D.O.A. Death of Autotune. Man listen, the instrumental to this song alone had me on my toes. The gritty, jazzy, sound to go along with the hardcore lyrics provided by the living legend himself was brilliant. I had to play the song like 10 times in a row. I had to pause in order to post this blog. lol I need a little concentration. In this song you can tell Hov was tired of the current state of Hip-Hop and hit us with some offensive grit that I need in my life. I need the balance. Feed me the balance. My favorite qoute from the song "I know we facing a recession but the music that y'all be makin gonna make it a great depression". "I might wear black 4 years straight"

Death of Autotune, Moment of Silence.

Excited about Hip-Hop again.

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