The Ex-Girlfriend

Sometimes as a man we need our ego's stroked a bit, even if we dont think we have an ego. Who better to do that than an ex-girlfriend that sees you happy for what ever reason it maybe. She's intrigued because you weren't that happy when you were with her. So she gets in contact with you and starts whispering sweet nothin's. In reality it just maybe that. "Sweet Nothins"

Sometimes we get caught up in the thought of "what if things did pop off between us, what if we did this or did that?", the thought of that gives us a rush. It gets us daydreaming, and gives us like a new energy especially if the opposite sex thinks about it as well.

We totally forget what we were originally happy about. Tainted vision that she has control over.

The Ex-girlfriend has a power over us that no one can understand.

Don't lose sight of what made you happy.

~Fantasy Tuesday Tomorrow~

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