Fantasy Tuesday

I have the biggest thing for Zoe Saldana. That low key crush. If I had to choose between her and Keri Hilson I think I might have to go with Zoe. Keri would be the fly girlfriend, but Zoe would be the fly wife. If I had to be a "G" and "double book" as they call it on TV. I would start my evening out with Keri do something like order in and watch a funny movie then go out for ice cream. Then after the ice cream play sick, take Keri home, go home throw on a light cardigan sweater and prepare for fine wine and outdoor dining with Zoe on a breezy summer night.

Thats My Fantasy Tuesday, lol back to work I go. Later folks.

Mattoo Mannner

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. I FEEL THAT MY NIG!... LMAO!... Fantasy Tuesday... you should do this EVERY WEEK!... and as for the Contestants this week... I'll Rocks wit you! but I would go do it the other way, and Take KERI for wine.. she's kinda how I like'em!