Fantasy Tuesday

I think this woman is one of the hottest things cookin, A legit smokeshow! Women love to hate Meagan Good, I don't blame them one bit. Hop up out the bed, this woman makes you wanna turn on your Friday Night Swag. I'm thinking I take Meagan out for few drinks, get in a few games of air-hockey, & talk trash all night. Who got winners? Alicia Keys maybe?

Last weeks Fantasy Tuesday I had to double book but this week i'm sticking with "Good" all night.

Daydreamin.... lol let me stop playing and get back to work. Until next time.....

Mattoo Manner

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. AGAIN I'm ROCKIN on Fantasty TUESDAY!... ANOTHER FINE CHOICE!... AND FINE CHOICE IT IS! When do we get to double and I can bring ms. Lauren London wit me on Fantasy Tuesday!.. LOL!