Loose Society

Sex sells: Even in a free newspaper! This made the front page.

*My issue with this is, this is a free paper that kids read on their way to school. We encourage our children to read, but this to me is encouraging our kids to have sex, skip school and find out what a real orgasm feels like. I know that maybe quite a stretch, but material like this shouldnt be in the forefront of a paper read by everyone. I ride the train to work every morning with my younger sister. She is 15 on her way to school while I am on my way to work. I grab two issues of the paper and I hand her one. That is our everyday routine. Today after seeing this paper I had to think twice. Maybe I shouldn't have handed her the paper. We live in a loose society where our children know way more than they should and this new paper is epitomizing our societies ill's. Maybe i'm looking too much into this, maybe i'm not but this on the front page to me is just as inappropriate as the Kay Y Jelly commercials on daytime television.*

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