OMG it's Thursday already! Time flies when your having fun! All is well. I've just been putting in work with my homie Rockit all week. Putting a few things together, running around but also kicking back and doing what we do. Thats my partner though, he grinds hard on the strength that we will see results and thats real. Putting the touches on the Mattoo Manner Exclusive Cards lol, not really that exclusive but hey it's what we came up with!

Just got word from my friend that they raised the Swine Flu Alert to a level 6, lmao I asked her whats the most severe level there is? she said 6. I laugh but it's not really a funny matter but I could have sworn it died down. Can you imagine walking around with a mask in your face all day in the States? They said this swine flu is more resilient than they thought, Epidemic?

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