Today my boy Larry aka "El"'s birthday. Happy Birthday my dude. See you at the lanes. catching a BUI. Bowling Under the Influence, destined to be a great time.

My Boy Lenny just sent me a text saying he passed the boards. He's about to be a Dr. a super MD. Man I feel like we both made it because I was around this dude when he was studying his hardest. Congrats Sir!

My boy Tony Papa Supa Duncan/King Alpha just informed me we have a ton of projects coming up that I need to be the voice on. Had like an hour long call. Kaos Kru watup!

Confirmed with my best friend Tina last night that we on that Road trip to Toronto for Carnival last weekend of July. I'm excited about that.

Waiting on confirmation from my lady friend *E mulla* if we're going out for drinks tomorrow night after I hit up First Friday's @ the galleries in the South End Boston.

Cookout this weekend and whatever else pops up. Thinking CT Saturday night, Mayybe? Yassine watup!.

Later Folks.

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