Weekend Recap

  1. Did some more promotion for Nuvo @ the Roxy on Friday night. Another fun night of taking photos & drinks with beautiful women rocking my Gucci inspired Jordan Retro 1's in the club. Haha what more can I ask for? lol i'm sure I can think of more, but I digress.
    On Sunday I had no choice but to hit up the Royal Tree Barbershop's annual cookout. Me & The Owner "B" kickin it. I stayed the whole time this year lol, she stays giving me crap for leaving early last years to go to the movies haha, No "B" I didnt see Transformers II yet.

  2. I Think I might be back on my kick game. I'm afraid Summer will go by and I wouldn't have worn a qtr of them. Dah well i'm getting rid of a few old joints that i'm sure that i'm done with.

  3. I picked up a pair of the Jordan Retro 1's The "Do The Right Thing" Kelly Green joints this weekend along with a crazy pair of Air Max 1's. I couldn't help it. Couldn't fight the feeling. I have about 8 pairs of Jordan Retro 1's now. Thinking I might just get a pair of the White & Red's that came out along with them as a pack. The Air Max 1's

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