What is This?

She is home when she is with me. She's my best kept secret, I will never brag about her because the joy and genuine feeling I have when I am with her is a feeling that I am not readily willing to share. She is special. She's been through a lot and I've always been by her side. We order in and watch America's next top model. I point out the top chicks and she points out the top pics, the lifestyle of this young photgrapher in the making. Head on my chest as my arms wrap around her, Caress her arms as she grabs mine and a soft kiss to her forehead. She is home when she is with me. Tightest hug and the sweetest kiss when she leaves. She is home when she is with me.

Not sure what this means! I don't see her as often as I'd like. We live life. We learn. We hold on. Until the day we decide to let go or hold tight & fight for us. The us that may or never be. In hindsight, that day hasn't arrived. So until then, She is home when she is with me.

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