3 Stubborn

A group of 3 friends, consists of 2 guys and a girl. 3 very different individuals. Trials & tribulations deferred until a later date. How they met is irrelavant. The friendship they share is beautiful. Learning, dislikes, joking day to day and with them no 2 days are alike. The arts bring them together. Music, Design, photography, & fashion is in the forefront. What brings them together sets them apart. They enjoy different music, design, & fashion. 3 different styles points of view that pin points 3 different points of cool. Disagreements fuel emotion one endures. Those are the moments that they adore. They get closer as they discuss more and more. "Dude when y'all do that it urks the shit outta me" So they do it more & more a little less, more conscious of the emotions one endures. "I hate being late & she got me waiting" was once upset but by the time she asked him if he was upset what had fueled the emotion was put away thinking " we're gonna get there anyway".

a tale of 3 friends

Mattoo Manner.

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