Fantasy Tuesday

I got the hots for Cameron Diaz.

She's a legit smokeshow no question. I don't know, I think I have a thing for older women. Cameron you are definitely a WINNER. OMG when I seen you in "What Happens in Vegas" I swear I spilled my soda in my lap!

My Fantasy Tuesday, no rules. "Killa Cameron" in a bathing suit on a rooftop summer splash! NICE. No spectators on this roof, Me, her, & my nikon camera for proof. Really NICE.

I may have had too many sips of Mr. Walker (Pause). Johnnie Walker rooftop flow. Super NICE.

Back to the reality, Fantasy Tuesday I love the escape.

Mattoo Manner.

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. LMAO!!... DAM NIG, You Really DOOO like Cameron!.. .Lol.. I like the No Spectators just a Rooftop and a Camera!... And I was gonna invite Myself and Jennifer Aniston up, BUUUT I dont wanna interupt the Fantasy Tuesday. Maybe I'll take her up there 2morrow, can i borrow ya Camera??.. LOL... THEY be OPEN off the CAMERAwork.. LOL!

    Alright back to Reality, that was a coo lil getaway, but I Have a Girlfriend to take on the rooftop... can I still borrow the Camera THO?.. LMAO!