Manner Update

This week has gone by so fast I feel like it was just Saturday night. So what happened this week for me? I got a chance to go see (500) Days of Summer which is a great a Sundance film. It reminds me of a friendship/relationship I had in college. Good summer movie, it's only showing Downtown Boston, so park @ your local train station, take the train, bring a date, and it'll be a nice night, guaranteed!

Whatelse? Fabolous's new album Loso's Way was released on Tuesday, so I went and got that. Theres nothing like the feeling of picking up something on it's release date. I bought the edition with the Loso's Way short movie. Its actually kind of funny and real New York. I love the street element. Fab has been one of my favorite artists since the clue mixtapes so for him to still be doing his thing is great. He has some good tunes on there. Check it out.

Also booked my ticket for my DC trip next weekend. Stopping thru Brooklyn first. Excited for that. What's a summer without trips?

Last but not least: Over the weekend I met this girl. We were at a house party and she happened to be a friend of a friend. We got to rappin exchanged numbers and we've been kickin it ever since. The summer has started. Although late, but it indeed has started.

Now it's pouring rain (As I Type).

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