Oh Man!

Last night in sleepville I had 3 girls in bathing suits in my apartment. What a trip, I don't even remember what happened. I just know that they were there and when I woke up they were gone and I was still on the couch looking salty @ 5:45 am.

Seen Public Enemies last night with my little brother Johnny. In the words of my boy Sebastian, "that movie is basura". I didn't like it much. I didn't believe anything that went down and the action was a bit too reckless and not well executed. Sloppy work! not a Johnny Depp great. Failed in the attempt.

Bought my little brother a pair of $130 basketball sneakers yesterday for his B-day. He turned 18 and the kid was going to settle for a cheaper pair knowing he didnt want them. I had to laugh like dude get what ever pair you want and I'll buy it. Money is not an issue when it comes to the ones you love.
Imagine when I have kids oh man.

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