Sneaker Pimps & Clipse

Sneaker Pimps is the world's largest touring sneakers and street based art show. Having hit more than 60 cities worldwide, they are coming to Boston's House of Blues this Saturday with a performance by the Clipse. The Clipse are coming to town, I amped about that because I missed them when they were @ Harpers Ferry. Not trying to miss this duo again. Plus an art and sneaker show. Buy, Sell, & Trade kicks NICEE! Plus HOB's has a bar on each floor and different sides. Sounds like a great time.

I am sooo there! If you're going see you there, If not cool. I'm tired of making plans, or inviting people to something and getting indecisiveness or just an overall flake. Sometimes being a loner is best. We just go no questions asked.

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