Weekend Ending 7/12/2009

I've had an interesting weekend thus far, My Friday started off terrible. Let me explain the feeling. Have you ever been so upset that you didn't know how to react? and you just had a heavy feeling sitting on your chest? Well that's exactly how I felt! I was like that all day until about 7pm. That feeling kind of went away when I got up with my people "Money" & "Rockit"(Below) to go to Gallery Kayafas in the South End of Boston. That was fun! We then strolled down Newbury Street after, did a little shopping. Shopping always takes my mind off stress. So when I'm fresh its the result of stress. LOL that was a joke! I like to shop whatever. We then went on to eat at P.F. Changs. It was cool, Rockit thinks its overrated. The day ended way better than it started. Rockit ended up walking a mile with no shoes! a story for another time.

Saturday I did laundry well kinda sorta payed my cousin to do it, but I haven't seen my clothes yet. 17 year olds are a trip, but I love her tho. I was pretty much in the house all day until I had to take my baby sister to get cupcakes for her jobs bake sale on Monday. On the way to get the cake we seen a pitbull getting beat with a shovel while fighting another pitbull. It was an awful site in the middle of the street, cars stopped, honking and people watching. I believe the owners of the dogs were two young girls who didnt have the strength to stop the dogs from fighting and some idiot was beating the dog with a shovel. Certainly animal cruelty, but somehow the dogs were broken up. Wish things could have been different but we live.

Sunday I did a photoshoot with "Ellie" a model Rockit and I met @ a fashion show and we been cool ever since. Good times! Oh I almost forgot to mention on Saturday night I was at the Dolo Clothing Co.'s Melting Pot event in Quincy, that was a good look. Shout out to Dolo.

Well that was my weekend in a nutshell. Everything is all good. Got it all off my chest! No more dead weight.

Mattoo Mannner.

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