Color Tones

Peep her skin tone

The words to express the thoughts of you the day we met:

Peep her skin tone,

I can't help but to stare, look at the lady sitting next to me. Peep her skin tone
Voice soothing, she could talk me to sleep or I can rock her soft ass,
peep the skin tone.
Fresh young man can't help the fresh thoughts, look at her, she's fresh,
peep her skin tone
Sandals on point, steady vibing to the sounds, you can tell this is her joint,
peep her skin tone.
She's in the zone, cold water on her wet flesh, she's fresh, I fell in love with her skin tone.

Mattoo Manner

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2 Responses to “Color Tones”

  1. I FEEL THAT NIG!... MANNER SPIT HAWT FIRE!... Or should I say MANNER Recite HAWT FIRE!!... LOL...