Fantasy Tuesday

Tracee Ellis Ross

She was always my favorite "Girlfriend"


I think she's beautiful and her backyard wow! A beautiful landscape. Joan I will marry your silly ass! only in one condition, You don't invite Toni's ass, she might just be too loud! plus my sister don't like her!

on to the next episode.

LOL I got mad work to do, that was my Fantasy Tuesday! Hope you enjoyed! Comments are appreciated!

Signing off Mr. Manner!

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. AIIIGHT Manner... if ya'll do get married, I wanna walk down wit that Maya Girlfriend she got! Hook dat up yo!... lol... I like her sometimes, she's kinda hood when we was over there kickin it wit'em... you right tho, leave that Toni at home. She's a Hater on the low. but yea, next time you see Joan tell her that I had fun and I'm diggin on lil maya!

    LOL!... Joan is the best one out the group I digs the Fantasy Tuesday!

    Co-Signing off "that Joan is worth FAnatasy Tuesday"--- L "Captain of the Bowling Team" Chief!