Fantasy Tuesday

Lauren London

This has been long awaited.

When I started doing this whole Fantasy Tuesday thing, Lauren London was definitely a name that my faithful readers mentioned on numerous occasions. Like "Yo you have to get Lauren London on there and I'm like "of course" why not? I do this for you guys lol.

Fantasy Tuesday begins without any intricate thoughts. Just pure admiration for a pretty young thing that decided she wanted to be with the kid. Dropped top coupe in the city cruisin to D'Angelo's Cruisin, she has her tongue up and down that strawberry soft serve ice cream wind blowing through her and I'm smiling shades on can't nobody tell me nothing, not a care in the world. I'm in the coupe with Nu-Nu. She had no clue that when I pulled up through the drive thru, it was the entrance to the pad. Mattoo's Place. A place for that Summer Fantasy.

Lauren babe! You got me on cruise in my Fantasy Tuesday, smoove!.

Mattoo Manner.

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3 Responses to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. YES!... this was my day 1 fantasy tuesday, "Fantasy"... You know me & Wayne bout to be on Maury over Her right!... MANG, she told Me about it but she still havent told Wayne yet.. LOL... he thinks he's gonna be a special guest.. Little does he know my fantasy on Tuesday took me a lil Too far and I was in London, wit her Moanin in French sittin on top of my eiffel tower taking allll sorts of Pics!...

    Now I see you dreaming of my bit wit a ice cream cone!.. I feel that, Thank goodness for imaginations cause I would prolly have to stop listening to Wayne for touching my BM!... cause thats MY BM Especially on Fantasy Tuesday!

  2. isnt she knoccked up by lil wayne. and living with him?

    fav line "you aint shit"