One Nighter!

Your words hold a ton of weight.

You asked me if I've ever had a one night stand? I laughed and answered "no I never had a one nighter". You breathed a sigh of relief and said thats the answer you was looking for. I asked you "why" and you told me that "when you think of me, you think of the ideal black man & you didn't want that image tainted".

When she thinks of me, she thinks of the ideal black man.

Wow, I think about that everyday. I think of that when I make certain life decisions hoping i'm not letting you down.

Thats a lot to handle my friend. But for you, I will.

To my friend:
My friend who didn't think I would hold on to her words like I do. This is just a piece. "Dont mean I'll turn down a one nighter"

Mattoo Manner.

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One Response to “One Nighter!”

  1. i bet your friend is laughing really hard.. good piece a million!