A Manner Short Story

My imagination takes me there sometimes. Here's a short story for you:

There is a couple, these two are in love, but cannot stand to be near each other for more than 4hrs. The two decide to get married. How does this wedding take place? It takes place via phone call. Man, Woman, Priest on a 3 way phone call. Who needs to go to Vegas, when you can share your vows over the phone spur of the moment? The two live in the same city but never moved in with each other. They do dinner twice a week, a movie once a week, but never sleep in the same bed. Sex is great but it's never the same bed, kitchen, or bathroom. They do different clubs and no one knows they're together but them. What an arrangement?. It works out for them!

What spawned this story? No idea but it was certainly spawned.

I guess the moral of this story if there is one, Is who are we to judge one's relationship?

Mattoo Manner,

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One Response to “A Manner Short Story”

  1. Wow.. interesting story...evrybody makes choices that works for them