Electric Magic

Electric Magic

Sex, drugs, & techno, a lifestyle of constant beat no breaks
Ecstacy, MDMA, Speed, PDA of a drunken degree, carefree spirits
Every individual is in an exuberant pool of cool, no rule enforcers
A two night experience, style of dance, unorthodox, to each his own dance move as well as coordinates
No line is straight, no lyrics to captivate, just beat , thump, thump, beats beneath the feet of
The sexy, the cool, the not so average together left school, dirty kicks, fresh kicks, new kicks turned old
By the end of the night, a memory of how you walked into surrealism.

Mattoo Manner

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2 Responses to “Electric Magic”

  1. Sounds like fun :-) minus the drugs part

  2. that picture is dope sir!