Fantasy Tuesday

Jessica Biel

Legit Smokeshow! Red Light Special, No Dollar Menu

So I have 2 hours to decide where I want to be.

Fantasy Island or 7th Heaven?

1 hour & 30 mins out the way. Leaning towards Fantasy Island because this woman is so far past 7th Heaven. 15 mins out the way & I have 15 mins left to meet Jessica on the ferry to Fantasy Island. Yes! I decided Fantasy Island. The date is September 1st, Summer coming to a close, & look at the date I chose. Manner's hot, :) I think I need to change clothes. On the boat, same row, same seat, Biel is on my lap, Smile on my face, peep the lace. 40 mins later we reached the place.

Thoughts racing out my mind. We reached the destination. Laces erased, bathing suit vanished

Just like this fantasy

I think I'm famined. Time for breakfast! That was my Fantasy Tuesday. Thanks for reading

Mattoo Manner

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. Jessica Biel i feel like her body is bipolar one day she got an ass the next day its gone but other than that she's fly