Fantasy Tuesday

Yasmin Deliz

For those of you wondering who Yasmin Deliz is, she played in the movie Next Day Air. If you haven't seen it please watch it solely because she's in it.

Yasmin Deliz has the sexiest accent. A sexy Spanish accent puts a silly smile upon my face. I might mock every word you speak because I am so fond of the sound. I might start an argument just to hear you go off on me. I'm a jerk "I get off" on that. "Anjoodunno" Adios mios, como se dice you are the finest woman in Espanol? She laughs and gives me a light slap in the face & says "papi" you silly. She then grabs my hand, walked me to a door, a door which I thought was to the bedroom. Excitement until....... I was sadly mistaken. It was the door out of Fantasy Tuesday.

Well Adios Amigos! Hope you all enjoyed Fantasy Tuesday.

Mattoo Manner.

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. LAAAAAWWRD!... This was A GReat FAntasy Tuesday nig!!... Beautiful Pic after devoting ALL of last week to yourself!... but thats coo cause it was your birthday!... None the less I Digress!...

    Yasmin... is a Walking OMG moment!... OMG she Fine! HAYZEUS(JESUS) how ever they say it in spanish!! LMAO!