Last Nights VMA's

Points of Disaster

I lost so much respect for Kanye West. What he did last night was unacceptable and wrong on so many levels. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but there is a time, manner, and place in which you may voice your opinion. Kanye could have easily went on his blog after the show and wrote about his disagreements on his blog where he wrote his apology. Instead, he embarrasses himself as well as a young girl who just won an award which clearly even she knows she shouldn't have won on stage in front of millions of viewers. Taking the mic away from her and stealing her moment and claiming Beyonce should have won because she had the best video of the decade. Even Beyonce was in disagreements with Mr. West's actions & upon accepting her award decided to give Taylor Swift a chance to really accept her award. I applaud Beyonce for that. What Kanye did was classless & ignorant. These type of actions continue to put hip-hop in a bad light. A culture already tainted with negativity.

Kanye's actions: Not Manner Approved

Now just as everyone else, I only watched the VMA's too see Jay-Z perform with the beautiful Alicia Keys. As expected it was a great performance by the two, epic if you ask me. But during the finale of a great perfomance, Lil Mama who has no business being at the award show period gets on stage and just posts up next to Jay and Alicia like its alright. NOOOOOOO its not alright. Who gave her the "go" to get on stage to make a fool of herself. Tomfoolery if you ask me. She messed up the best performance of the night just by being there. Ok she can now go curl up under a rock now.

OMG I can't stand Lady Gaga! What is her issue? Okay I understand you're gay and you advocate gay rights and all, but what exactly are you trying to prove with your antics? Ughhh she annoys me & I believe many concur. I don't like her. She can go bungy jumping, no bungy if you ask me. Please don't ask me. Just Poke Her Face!

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3 Responses to “Last Nights VMA's”

  1. Since this is my Blogspot, I'm only responding to this on Your site my nig, jus cause... I didnt even wanna give Kanye NO Attention for this...

    1st, the Nig Kanye is MAD CHILDISH!... He lost HELLA points wit me too last night, I'm gonna need him to just stay on Wax. That was Unacceptable on so Many levels, That was the girls 1st VMA, and he F(*)'ed it up!... Attention Junky if you ask me... Thank Goodness for that Wonderful Beyonce!, OMG I think I Love Her!... did I just Say that!.. none the less... She's the Shizznit!

    AND LIL MAMA!... WORD somebody should've YOKED her off the Stage, Who does she REALLY think she is!... cause in real life she's a Nobody more or less!

    And GAGA!... in the words of my nig 50 "Why Don't you find something constructive to do... KILL YA SELF!"... I understand she's trying to stand out, but "Thanks to GOD and the GAYS"... isnt that like a oxymoron or something, whats that Word??... you know what I mean tho, Gods & GAYS DONT GO TOGETHER!!

  2. "Thanks to GOD and the GAYS"... Im glad I wasn't the only one to catch that and she says that after a blood soaken performance. she should jump off a roof bare foot

  3. yo , Ye is a funny ass dude, he did show quite a bit of ignorance ( i definitely do not condone that bullshit either), but this shit will blow over soon...I mean think about it, its really not NEARLY as bad is the CHRIS BROWN and RIHANNA situation. That nigga Chris Breezy AINT bouncin back from that shit.

    As far as Lil mama goes, i think we're all in agreement that this chick is spectacularly irrelevant. Her presence was not needed on stage by any means

    Lady GAGA, WHAT THE FUCK??? I am all for people who are different artistically, but being that shouldnt require you to TRY SO HARD to be different, it should be something that comes off naturally. So as far as Lady Gaga goes....HELL NO