Nude Model Arrested for NYC Museum Photo Shoot

I found this to be cool, funny, & interesting.

NEW YORK- Police say they arrested a 26-year-old woman who was posing naked for a photographer, and in full view of visitors, in the museum’s arms and armor department on Wednesday. Model Kathleen “K.C.” Neill faces a charge of public lewdness. Defense attorney Donald Schechter says the museum is full of nude art, and to call what the model and her photographer were doing obscenity “is ridiculous.” Photographer Zach Hyman directed the shoot. He’s been getting some attention locally for photographing nude models on subways.

Nude Models on Subways-> This is why I need to move to NY.

You know what I found funny? What was going through these officers minds while arresting this nude woman. Did they smile, stare, and then say you're wrong for this, put clothes on we taking you in?

You know what I found it interesting? The photographer gets no grief.

You know what I found cool? I might try some crazy shit like that. Imagine that folks!

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One Response to “Nude Model Arrested for NYC Museum Photo Shoot”


    I think them cops just wanted a cheap feel... and a cover story. How stupid that sound? You gonna lock up the model for being nude, in a museum that already possess nude art? It's not like she was performing sexual acts. There was a photographer for crying out loud. And what happened to him? They could have told her to put on some clothes, and come down to the station. They didn't have to lock her up n process her.

    But you know what's funny Mattoo... I bet she gonna get more gigs cuz of dis! THE GOOD OLE AMERICAN SYSTEM! LOL! JUST LOOK AT MICHAEL VICK! LMAO!