Trey Songz --> Ready

Trey Songz just came out with his new album "Ready". I don't know about everyone else, but I was in anticipation of this album because I've been hearing Trey on a ton of songs, remixes, and his mixtape and I knew this album would be one to purchase.

Trey's first album in my opinion was poor. I liked his two singles a lot, in fact I played them out. "Just Gotta Make it" was my Nextel Ringtone for a while but I felt like the album fell short. It was soo bad to me personally, I didn't give his follow up album a chance.

I just picked up this new Trey Album & inside the album cover it says "I'm growing, as a person, as an artist" I truly believe this because Music I'm hearing now from him is not the same music I was hearing a few years ago.

Give people a chance. I think my lil sister can keep the album cover though.

Album: Manner Approved

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