Fantasy Tuesday

Freida Pinto

So if you are unaware who this woman is, please go see one of the greatest movies in the world! Slumdog Millionaire. I fell in love with this girl instantly. Let me tell you how she captured "Young Manner's" heart:

I'm sitting at a local restaurant in Bombay, India which is Freida's hometown. I did my research :-). Sitting here reading reviews for Bollywood films, which are Hindi-language films. Also a film industry based in Mumbai, India. Just a little background. So as I'm sipping on a foreign Cola I look up, across from me is the prettiest woman that I've ever seen in my twenty something years of existence. I am completly alert. Her voice carried no weight for as light as it was, but it captivated the room. All ears and my eyes locked in, my tone is mute. So I wrote her a note, a page from my notebook. I sent it to her via Paper Plane. It landed in her heart. She wrote back, walked over, and placed it in my hands. I unfolded the sheet to see it was incomplete, an empty page. Now I must think, on how I must end this fantasy!

That was my Fantasy Tuesday! Thanks for reading. I've been slacking on my macking! hope this sufficed. Until next time

Mattoo Manner

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One Response to “Fantasy Tuesday”

  1. GREAT Fantasy Tuesday today Bruvah Mang!... Mighty Fine Photo You picked... LITERALLY!... LAAAAWD!... good looks on sparkin my Fantasy Tuesday, nig!