Certain things define you as an individual, the funny thing is that people notice. People take notice! Quiet as kept, We stand out!

What defines me? Yesterday on my way home I jumped on the bus as I usually do after a long days work. As I inserted my Charlie Ticket the bus driver says to me "Wait....No Fitted?...No Headphones?...did you lose yourself today?" and I laughed like my bad, the headphones are in the bag. I was having an off day, but he noticed.

I always have a hat on with my big ass headphones which is a Manner trademark even in High School I stayed with a big pair of headphones. Thats me the guy with the headphones. I remember in the summer, I took the Bolt bust to DC from New York and at a rest stop a pretty young lady approached me and started talking to me. One of her comments was "those are some pretty big headphones, I was wondering what you were listening to". It might have just been game but my headphones ran the interference.

Exhibit A ->

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